Message from GVACC Board of Directors



April 01, 2021


Patrick Ho, Board of Director


Message from GVACC Board of Directors:

GVACC, and the Board of Directors are deeply saddened about the recent crimes and violence involving the shootings of local massage parlors. We mourn over the loss of the individuals, and extend our deepest condolences to the families who were directly impacted. GVACC does not condone violence of any kind, but we must not falter and continue to stand up tall and strong during this time, so that we can continue to offer our support to Asian Americans throughout the state of Georgia. GVACC and its Board of Directors are hard at work, and have been in constant communication with local law enforcement agencies to stress the importance of safety and diligence during this unpredictable time. It is the Board of Director’s intention to provide the general members and all Asian Americans in the state of Georgia with the education and information needed to operate safe and effective businesses. GVACC is dedicated to our community, and Asian American business owners and it is our goal to stress the importance of economic development and push initiatives that will be beneficial to all Asian Americans in Georgia.


Action Plan:

GVACC board members have been working tirelessly with community outreach, and spoke to local authorities and government agencies to see what they are currently doing, and what we can currently do to remain safe, vigilant and educated. We have put together information from local agencies, and we encourage everyone to utilize these valuable resources.

Gateway 85 CID:

Installing Flock camera systems throughout the 14 square miles with the purpose of tracking suspicious vehicles coming and leaving the CID areas. These cameras are being actively monitored and in the past caught criminals during and after committing a crime. There were also cases that criminals were stopped for suspicious reasons as they were on their way to commit a crime.

Gwinnett Community Affairs Section Commander:

Major Michelle Anglin



They have increased patrols on all Asian-American properties
They have already reached out to the community leaders
They have already established the Community Affairs Division which reaches out to the community, then reports back to the police department
The criminal intelligence section had already been monitoring social media for increased chatter and continues to do so
Officers are being encouraged to get out of the patrol cars and meet the business owners/employees and build relationships to increase the comfort level
Chief West of Gwinnett County PD states that too often those in need do not reach out if they feel they will be asked for their immigration status. Gwinnett, Dekalb, Cobb and Fulton do not ask about immigration status
Police are encouraging all citizens to report instances to the non-emergency numbers, this way, they can keep up with details (such as license plates) from one report to another. This would help them see a recurring issue, hopefully before it’s too late.

In Gwinnett County, officers and firefighters cross train for active shooter situations, one of the few counties to do cross training

No classes or resources are available by police for active shooter training for citizens unfortunately


Please contact the Crime Prevention Coordinator for further information or questions about our free one-hour seminar at

Resources/Safety Seminars:

The Gwinnett County Police Crime Prevention Unit offers many varied free seminars in an attempt to better educate citizens on safety and crime issues. These specialized officers routinely talk to homeowners, parents, employees, associations and children at home or at work (in Gwinnett County). At least 10 participants must be committed to attend for an officer to speak. We encourage business owners and individuals to participate.

Applicable seminars include but are not limited to:

  • Alarm Awareness
  • Security Surveys – Residential and Commercial
  • Lock and Alarm – Residential and Commercial
  • Business Fraud/Loss Prevention
  • Business Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Gang Awareness for Teens and Parents
  • Drug Awareness for Teens and Parents
  • Workplace Violence
  • Robbery Prevention
  • Shoplifting Prevention

Long Term Commitment Programs

  • Citizens Police Academy
  • Community Oriented Policing Meetings (C.O.P.S.)
  • Business Watch Program
  • Police Explorers Program


The most important message from the police is “call”. If it’s not a 911 emergency, call the non-emergency numbers.

Gwinnett County (770).513.5700

Dekalb County (678) 406-7929

Cobb County (770) 499-3900

Fulton County varies:

Fulton Fulton County Emergency Services (404) 730-7911
Fulton Chattahoochee River 911 Authority (404) 843-6670
Fulton City of Atlanta 911 (404) 658-6666
Fulton City of Alpharetta Police Department (678) 297-6314
Fulton City of College Park (404) 761-3131
Fulton City of East Point (404) 761-2177
Fulton City of Roswell 911 (770) 640-4100
Fulton Georgia Institute of Technology (404) 894-2500


The GVACC Board of Directors thank these local law enforcement and government agencies for their thoroughness and action in response to these violent events. Please be safe, informed and remain fearless as we continue to move forward for all Asian Americans in regards to economic development, growth and presence in the state of Georgia.


GVACC Board of Directors

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